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Adirondack - Appalachian Regional Emergency Medical Services Council

Regional ALS Protocols

N.B., The 2015 Collaborative New York Protocols will be available on this site in PDF format for viewing and/or downloading on February 01, 2015, which is the protocol rollout date. Until then, the 2011 protocols will remain available, as noted below.

The 2011 Collaborative New York Protocols are available in PDF format for viewing or downloading. Click here!

Dr. Michael Dailey of the Albany Medical Center Emergency Department has prepared a training video for the new Collaborative Protocols. It is approximately two hours in length, and can be accessed by clicking here. If you have difficulty opening the video, download RealPlayer (it's a free download available on the internet).

Please note that a TEK is not able to be credentialed to practice under the new protocols until completion of the protocol exam, and may only function with an agency that has been approved for protocol implementation by submission of the appropriate paperwork (see below to download a copy). The Paramedic, Critical Care and Intermediate level credentialing exams are now all available online. The training video should be viewed before taking the exam.To access the test site, click here.

Agencies are allowed to implement the new protocols as soon as all their TEKs are credentialed and the agency has submitted a completed implementation request to the regional office. The request must be signed by both the agency chief operating officer and the agency medical director. For a copy of the request form, click here.